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Upland Migratory Birds, Shoreline Birds & Waterfowl Flash Cards

Upland Migratory Birds, Shoreline Birds & Waterfowl Flash Cards

Marsh / Shoreline Birds

BC Animal Identification shoreline Birds Click to Flip
Migratory but not waterfowl or upland game birds

Wetland Migratory Game Birds

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A group including Swans, Ducks and Geese that migrate.


BC Animal Identification Sawns Click to Flip
Very large body, very long necks, white. Very slow wing beats, webbed feat and can walk easily on land. They are all non game. There are three species: Tundra, whistling and mute


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Males and females are alike. They have no eclipse plumage. Larger than ducks. Fly in V formation or in lines, they have a slow wing beat and webbed feet. They can walk easily on Land. Emperor goose, Anser canagica (A) NT Snow goose, Anser caerulescens LC Ross's goose, Anser rossii LC Greater white-fronted goose, Anser albifrons LC Taiga bean-goose, Anser fabalis (A) LC Pink-footed goose, Anser brachyrhynchus (A) (OU) LC Brant, Branta bernicla LC Cackling goose, Branta hutchinsii LC Canada goose, Branta canadensis LC

Dabbling Ducks

BC Animal Identification Dabbling Ducks Click to Flip
Males and female are often easy to tell apart except in eclipse plumage. More graceful with longer necks than Diving ducks. Webbed feet and can walk on land easily. Take off straight up. Tip up to eat. Bright speculums on males. Hind toe not lobed and have slower wing beats than divers. Found on shallow water.

Diving Ducks

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Male and female similar, plump bodies, short wings, webbed feet and have difficulty walking on land. Patter along water to take off. Dive to feed. Dull coloured speculum on males. Hind toe is lobed and have fast wing beats. Found on deep water.

Sea Ducks

BC Animal Identification Sea Ducks Click to Flip
A lot like diving ducks in appearance, spend their winters at sea. Eat vegetation invertebrates and fish. Not as good to eat due to a strong fish taste. Large group of birds.


BC Animal Identification Coot Click to Flip
Marsh bird. Greyish-black, duck like, lobed not webbed feet. Good swimmer with wide spread toes. Small beak with extension which runs up forehead. Head pumps when it swims, both sexes are alike. No other open season on any other marsh bird.


BC Animal Identification Snipe Click to Flip
Shorebird. Mottled brown and white, long beak with dark tip. Long legs. Head and cheeks are striped. Wide spread toes. Both sexes alike. Solitary, most shorebirds are not. No other open season for any other shorebird.

Mourning Dove

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Streamlined with a small head, long pointed tail, salty blue above, reddish fawn below, white spots on tail. Black spots on cheek. Legs and feet are red. Sexes are similar. Occur in south of province. Upland Migratory Bird

Band Tailed Pigeon

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Like domestic pigeons, blue grey body with purplish head and great. White bar on back of neck, pale gray band on tail, yellow legs, both sexes are similar. Southwest coast and expanding in south of province. Upland Migratory Bird.

Canadian Goose

BC Animal Identification Canadian Goose Click to Flip
Goose that has a black head and neck, white cheek patches, brown bodies and white bellies. Appear all over BC and have 7 sub species.

Snow Goose

BC Animal Identification Canadian Snow Goose Click to Flip
Goose that is all white but has distinctive black tipped wings. They have pink feet and bills that are tipped with white and a distinctive black "grinning patch" on the bottom bill. They also have a rusty coloured tint to the head and face. They fly in a typical V formation

Ross Goose

BC Animal Identification Ross Goose Click to Flip
Smallest goose in BC. Around the size of a duck and has a shorter neck than most geese. All white with black wing tips and pink legs and feet. Their bill is a deep reddish-pink with a paler nail and a warty, darker coloured base. Does not have a "grinning patch"

White Fronted Goose

Upland Migratory Birds, Shoreline Birds & Waterfowl Flash Cards White Fronted Goose Click to Flip
Medium sized goose also called "Speckle belly" or "white front"Has distinctive white markings at the base of the bill. Brown on head, neck, and upper back, and darkly mottled on the chest and breast. Their belly and underrated is white and their feet are orange.

Black Brant

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Similar to a Canadian Goose but smaller and has a white collar. They have a black head and neck. The body is dark brown above with a white belly and white outer tail feathers. Both sexes are similar in plumage, except that the male has a larger white collar than a female. Also known as the Sea Goose, because its often found on salt water areas.


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