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Free Quiz Matching The Black Powder Actions BC Firearms Academy



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In addition, it is difficult to tell if there is already a charge loaded in the barrel of a muzzleloader. Experienced shooters mark the firearm's ramrod at a level that shows the bore depth when the bore is empty. When the marked ramrod is inserted into the barrel, it shows whether or not the firearm is loaded.


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1 - first hand-held muzzleloader 2 - used a serpentine mechanism to plunge burning wick into the flash pan

Wheel lock

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1 - second hand-held muzzleloader 2 - operates like a modern cigarette lighter


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1 - same as wheel lock 2 - produced a spark by striking a flint against steel 3 - a more reliable ignition system

Percussion cap

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1 - first step of the evolution to first repeating firearms 2- a small metal case (cap) containing material that will explode when struck

Black powder revolvers

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In black powder revolvers, a measured amount of powder is poured into each chamber. A ball is firmly seated on each charge. Grease or lubricant is placed on top of each ball to lubricate its travel down the barrel and prevent “chain-firing” of all chambers. A percussion cap is put on the nipple of each chamber that produces the flash.

Spherical round ball

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Spherical - round ball, usually loaded along with a lubricated patch, which seals the barrel around the ball

Shot pellets

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Shot - pellets of assorted sizes and materials


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Sabot - plastic or synthetic carrier that encases a projectile.

Flash pan

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The flint strikes the frizzen to create sparks in the flash pan. It is also called a battery.

Free Quiz Matching The Black Powder Actions BC Firearms Academy
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