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The Wonders of Nature May 14, 2024

The Wonders of Nature May 14, 2024

The Wonders of Nature

Friday, May 10 @ 23:00 hours

We were treated to spectacular display of the “Aurora Borealis”, the northern lights.  These displays are caused by solar storms and are frequently seen around the time of the spring and fall equinox.  This year seems to have been one of the most spectacular in modern times and was seen as far south as Florida.  It was certainly the most vibrant and colourful that I have had the opportunity to view.



Free Aurora Borealis Northern Lights photo and picture

The clear sky also gave a view of the stars with the Big Dipper showing in the bottom centre.  A bright crescent moon was also peeking through the tree.

Another thing that made the night special was the chorus of frogs from the neighbouring pond.  These small amphibians have very loud voices.

File:Western toad can better resist disease in more diverse ecosystems.jpg  - Wikimedia Commons

Check out these links to learn and listen to our toads and frogs:



File:Eastern Chorus Frog - 33591514828.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

There was also something out hunting the frogs and toads that night.  A Wilson’s Snipe.  I have only seen this bird once and often wondered what the strange bird call that I heard at dusk and dawn.  These birds spend the day sleeping and resting and go out to hunt at dusk and through the night.  The last Snipes are heard as the Cranes and Robins begin their morning songs.

File:Wilson's Snipe (Gallinago delicata) (11635736575).jpg - Wikimedia  CommonsCheck out this link:


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