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Shot Timers Don’t Lie

Shot Timers Don’t Lie

Shot Timers Don’t Lie

By Chris Baker Lucky Gunner

Shot Timers Don’t Lie. Today we’re continuing our mini-series on my favourite range gear. Last time, I talked about eye protection and today the topic is shot timers. It turns out I had a lot more to say about the benefits of shot timers in general than about the specifics of the shot timer hardware I use at the range. There’s really not a ton of difference between the various models on the market and they all cost roughly the same. Even the most basic model offers 99% of the benefit of any of the other timers. The video below has the details of why I think it’s important to incorporate a timer into your self-defense training, or you can scroll down and read the transcript.


If you really want to get better at shooting, the best piece of gear you can buy is not a new gun. It’s not an aftermarket trigger or new sights. It’s a shot timer. Today I want to talk about why I train with a shot timer and then at the end, I’ll go over the specific models I use.

If you’re not familiar with electronic shot timers, they are pretty simple devices. It’s basically a stopwatch with a microphone. There’s a button that triggers a beep for your start signal and then the microphone picks up the gunshots and displays the elapsed time on a little LED screen. It will show you the total time from the start signal to your last shot, and you can also see your split times, which is how much time elapsed in between each shot.

Training to use your gun for self-defence without a way to measure your speed is the same as firing all of your rounds straight into the backstop without using a target. You need a target to give you feedback about whether you can put the holes where they need to go, and you need a timer to tell you if can do that within a realistic time frame.

Popular Shot timers:

  • CED 7000
  • Electronics Pocket Pro
  • Pocket Pro II
  • PACT Club Timer 3
  • ShotMaxx


Keep Reading: https://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/shot-timers-dont-lie/

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