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Shooting Drill: The 10-8 Pistol Standards #2

Shooting Drill: The 10-8 Pistol Standards #2

Shooting Drill: The 10-8 Pistol Standards #2

I got this drill from the Modern Service Weapons website. The 10-8 pistol standards #2 is a drill you can use to track your progress over time. There are no absolute standards. You only compete with yourself each subsequent time you shoot it. The drill is a tough one. It requires speed, but it brutally penalizes lack of accuracy. Shooting Drill: The 10-8 Pistol Standards #2

10-8 performance bc firearms academy

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Here’s the drill:

7 yards

1) Failure drill – 2 body, 1 head

2) Bill drill – draw and fire 6 body

3) 1 +1 – draw and fire 1 body, slide lock reload, 1 body

10 yards

4) 1 + 1

5) 5 body 1 head

6) Failure drill, slide lock reload, failure drill

15 yards

7) Bill Drill

8) 5 head box – This is the 15 Yard Head Box Drill that I started doing a few years ago, on the old blog.

25 yards

9) Bill Drill

42 rounds total. If you start with 10 in the gun, you can get through the 7-yard line without extra setup.


Scored as an aggregate of time for each string, with penalties as follows (scoring zones from USPSA and IDPA targets, respectively):

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A/-0 = no penalty

C/-1 = +1 seconds

D/-3 = +5 seconds

Miss =+10 seconds

Missed headshots are also a +10 second miss penalty. Your final time will then be your raw score plus your penalties.

I shot this one cold using my police duty gear (Glock 21 in Safariland ALS holster with Safariland closed-top magazine carrier.) It was brutal. I went a little slower than I normally shoot so that I could guarantee my hits. That strategy didn’t work. As you can see from the target below, I had one low headshot and one outside the A-zone.

USPS Target BC Firearms Academy

USPS Target BC Firearms Academy

IDPA Target BC Firearms Academy

IDPA Target BC Firearms Academy



I plan on running this one regularly to track my performance changes over time. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Good luck!


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