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Seasons End Camping Trip  October 24, 2023

Seasons End Camping Trip October 24, 2023

Seasons End Camping Trip October 24, 2023

The golds and yellows of the, aspen and willow leaves are rapidly fading.  Perhaps there is time for one more camping trip.  It is mid-October, and the weather is still fairly nice.  Garden and yard work is mostly caught up so it is time to take a break.  The decision is made to camp at Latremouille Lake, Forest Service Recreation Site, one of the camping areas we explored on Thanksgiving weekend.  There are several nice campsites right on the lakeside. As usual, the weather forecast changes as the leaving day arrives.  Cool and wet weather clothes are packed. We set off on the short drive to our destination, the day is bright, warm, and breezy.  Camp is set up with lots of time to explore before lunch.  The first impression you get is that everything at eye level and above is uniformly green, the bright fall colours have disappeared.   Time to look down to the forest floor.  Nature has left some bright gems for us to enjoy and two hardy flowers that were still in bloom.

This Fireweed is bravely blooming while all the other plants have gone to seed.  A lone Aster brightened the pathway.

Wild strawberry, Bunchberry, and rose show shades of yellow, red and maroon

Numerous mushrooms, which I have yet to identify popped up on the forest floor and around rotting wood.  One lone cedar tree grew amongst the Pine, Fir, and Spruce.  Its browning foliage indicates its struggle with this summer’s drought conditions.

Steller’s Jays, chickadees, and nuthatches visited the campsite regularly, and a mother loon and her two nearly-grown young called from the lake.  The young people tried several practice flights while we there.

We returned home in time to clean and winterize the trailer before the cold weather and Tuesday’s promised snow arrived.

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Our friends at Cabela's Abbotsford are making room for a special visitor from the North Pole! We look forward to returning in the new year. until then, find us down the road at the chilliwack fish and game protective association!

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