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What People Are Saying About BC Firearms Academy

Based on 262 reviews

Eric is a great teacher and makes course very fun

Ideal membership if you like roaming to different ranges.

This is a great value membership if you don't want to be stuck with one range option. BCFA is fantastic education resource for all levels of enthusiasts from noob to expert.


Great idea. Was easy to give.


Just got mine in the mail, can't wait to get my first restricted firearm.

Great option

Service was fantastic. Received my club card promptly and look forward to using it for my first Restricted purchase!


since there are such waiting lists to get into a gun range this is the best way so you can get your hand gun home.thanks

Gun vlub

Great club happy to be part of

Gun club membership

Joined the gun club when I was ready to purchase my first restricted firearm. It was quick and easy and my transfer was approved within 2 days.


I like being able to transfer hand guns without being limited to one club and able to go into other gun clubs is great

Perfect for where I’m at

This gun club membership is perfect, allowing me to transfer my restricted firearms without being held down to a particular range/gun club.

Super easy and such a great deal!

There is nothing better out there. Do your research and you will come to the same conclusion.

Elite Service

I took the firearms course and passed it for a PAL for restricted and non restricted firearms. It was all that it could be, please see my review in that regard.

After receiving my PAL card I called B.C. Firearms for help in joining a gun club and all related issues. Once again, the call was taken immediately, they answered all my questions and others that I was not aware of but would need for a successful application.

The next day all documentation, application, etc was emailed to me all completed for me by their staff. Shortly thereafter my hard copy was in my mail and I was ready to go.

B.C. Firearms was fantastic from the beginning in all aspects and after I received the PAL from the RCMP, they jumped right onto my request for assistance and got it done in the shortest possible time.

One more time, make it easy on yourself, get the best possible training and teaching out there and just sign up with B.C. Firearms for all your needs related to firearms and ammunition. They will always be there for you following the course. Eric Beers was my instructor, he cannot be matched in this business.


Membership has its privileges Very easy to become a member ... one of the fastest application processes I have encountered!!

Great deal!

Purchased the gun club membership the day before I bought my restricted firearm. Upon purchasing I received an email with my membership confirmation that I was able to print out and used it at Cabela's. By the next week I had the actual card in the mail. Super fast and a very low cost to obtain your restricted firearms. I have been very happy with my RPAL, CORE and Gun Membership, thank you Eric and BC Firearms Academy!

Awesome fast and easy great company

Awesome team there would highly recommend

out with a bang

nice to be legal with my art toys and be able to practice where i enjoy it the most

I haven’t receiced it

I wonder what has happened to my renewed membership card. It’s been 21 days!

Firearms Safety Course

I gave a gift certificate to a family member as a gift.

Automatic renewal

I originally purchased my membership to purchase and transport home a restricted handgun. During the ensuing year I made it through the waitlist for a rod and gun club. My membership came up for renewal and automatically renewed. This upcoming year I will cancel prior to the automatic renewal.

It took 5 to minutes on the phone. My membership card was in the mailbox 5 days later


Great service very cheap and they give you so much five stars


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