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Perfect October weather for getting out to the range BC Firearms Academy

Perfect October weather for getting out to the range BC Firearms Academy

Perfect October weather for getting out to the range. 


Did anybody end up getting some rounds down range?  We are hoping the weather sticks tomorrow for the ICORE pistol match this Sunday.  If you are free, come out to the Chilliwack Fish and Game Protective Association and check out the revolver match.




International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts


Welcome to our 2017 Postal Match! The International Postal Match is intended to promote ICORE and revolver shooting. ICORE membership is not required to participate. The club hosting the match does not need to be an affiliated ICORE club. First-time ICORE shooters and non-ICORE clubs are encouraged to join the fun to spread an awareness of ICORE to the broader shooting community.


This match is run entirely on an honor system. We ask that all participants respect this and their fellow competitors. Please set up the match accurately according to the stage instructions, and run it in accordance with ICORE rules. Download the rules from www.icore.org.


You may shoot in one or more of these ICORE revolver divisions: Classic, Limited, Limited 6, Open, and .22 rimfire.  You may also shoot any division more than once, just not on the same day.


Our sport combines elements of the Bianchi Cup, IPSC, and the Steel Challenge into demanding competition exclusively for revolvers. Our standard paper target is the NRA D-1 target with 4 scoring areas.  Scoring is based on time, including time added or subtracted per the scoring rules. Falling and stationary steel plates are also used in ICORE events.  Some typical Courses of Fire here illustrate the type of shooting that is available in ICORE Club, Regional and International Revolver Championship events.

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