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PAL COURSES Serving the Lower Mainland

PAL COURSES Serving the Lower Mainland

BC Firearms Academy is closer than you think!

With weekly courses spanning from New Westminster to Abbotsford, choosing a convenient time and location near you is easy!

not sure which course to take?

If you’re confused about the courses, don’t sweat it – you’re not alone! The Canadian Firearms Program requires that in order for you to qualify for a license to purchase, possess or acquire a firearm in Canada that you complete one or both of its safety courses, depending on the class of firearm you wish to purchase, possess or acquire.

There are 3 classes of firearms : non-restricted, restricted and prohibited. The CFSC, or Canadian Firearms Safety Course is the course that, upon successful completion, will allow you to apply for your non-restricted licence, or PAL. The CRFSC, or Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course is the first step to getting your RPAL. We highly recommend that you take both courses together over a two-day stretch.

we’ve got time for you!

BC Firearms Academy is proud to offer weekday and weekend courses to accomodate your busy schedules. A course will run at one of our locations every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Have you got a question? Our office is open 7 days a week so give us a call 604-592-2410


contact us on LIVECHAT at bcfirearmsacademy.ca


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