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Mastering the Competitive Pistol

Mastering the Competitive Pistol

Focus on perfecting your competition handgun shooting for IDPA, IPSC, etc.

2 Levels of Training

Our Firearms Instructors are industry professionals who will guide you through Mastering the Competitive Pistol . Whether you are new to competition handguns or an experienced IPSC, USPSA or IDPA, the exceptional training offered by BC Firearms Academy's Live-Fire division is for you.

Quality Instruction

Our instructors are seasoned competiters who are IDPA Master: SSP, CDP, CO & CCP, 3 Gun/Multi Gun Competitor, ICORE champions.

Mastering the Competitive Pistol One

This course focuses on shoot while moving, reload your firearm while moving, rapid sight acquisition, shoot moving targets, how to plan and execute a proper stage plan.

Mastering the Competitive Pistol Two

Students are introduced to drills and receive comprehensive training to refine their shooting technique. How to mentally prepare for a stage or event. -Rapid sight acquisition -Shooting under stress -Single-hand shooting and pistol manipulations -Moving and shooting -Transitioning between targets -Intro to shooting from cover -Refine shooting fundamentals

About Your Course

More Information About Competitive Pistol Courses with BC Live Fire Academy

Your range kit must include

A semi-automatic pistol ( 9mm or greater calibre & In Good Condition)
-300 rounds of ammunition
- 3 magazines
- Double magazine pouch
- Modern Rigid Dominant side, OWB hip-mounted or belt-mounted holster designed for the firearm
- The holster must be designed so that a firm grip on the firearm with the strong hand without moving it in the holster
- Dummy rounds (Optional for Competative Pistol)
- Eye and ear protection ( Electronic Prefered )
- Closed-toe shoes that allow for quick movement and turning
- Hydration; lunch/snacks
- Weather appropriate clothing
- Cover garment ( a shirt or vest that covers your holstered firearm when worn )

Location Of Your Course

Chilliwack Fish & Game Protective Association
48685 Chilliwack Lake Rd, Chilliwack, BC V4Z 1A6
(The CFGPA is a private club. Please respect the members)

Mastering The Competitive Handgun

Video From May 29th

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