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Hackathorn Standards

Hackathorn Standards

Hackathorn Standards

Range: varies (see below)
Target: three IPSC (or IDPA) targets spaced 1yd apart at heights (from left to right) of 5′, 6′, 4′.
Start position: varies
Rounds fired: 60

Credit to Pistol Training.com by Ken Hackathorn

The Hackathorn Standards have become a mainstay of practical pistol performance evaluation. Designed by Ken Hackathorn in 1993, the “Hack Standards” formed the blueprint from which the IDPA Classifier was developed.

Scoring of the targets:

  • anywhere in the head, 5 points
  • A-zone (-0 on IDPA target), 5 points
  • C-zone (-1 on IDPA target), 3 points
  • D-zone (-3 on IDPA target), 2 points
  • miss, 0 points

Any time a head shot is required, a hit anywhere else on the target counts as a complete miss. Any time no target zone is specified, or body shots are specified, hits to the head box still score 5 points. Shots fired more than 0.30 seconds after the PAR time count as misses. (Ken grants a 0.30 second grace period on the PAR times. In other words, if a string calls for a 3.00 second PAR, any shot fired within 3.30 seconds counts for score.)

There is no concealment requirement. Strings of fire are shot from the holster unless specified otherwise.

No extra (“make up”) shots are allowed.

There are thirteen strings of fire:

15 yd2Hdraw and fire one to each head3 sec
25 ydSHOdraw and fire one to each head4 sec
35 ydSHOdraw and fire one to each body3 sec
45 ydSHOdraw and fire one to each body
(repeat of string #3)
3 sec
58 yd2Hdraw and fire two rounds on LEFT target2 sec
68 yd2Hdraw and fire two rounds on CENTER target2 sec
78 yd2Hdraw and fire two rounds on RIGHT target2 sec
810 yd2H“El Presidente”
begin facing uprange w/exactly 6 rounds in pistol;
on buzzer, turn, draw, and fire 2 rounds
on each target
then reload from slidelock and
fire two rounds on each again
10 sec
910 ydWHO“Weak Hand Pickup”
begin standing, strong hand in small of back;
pistol is the ground, butt towards strong side;
on buzzer, retrieve handgun, fire 1 on each target
from standing or kneeling position
5 sec
1012 – 8 yd2Hdraw and fire two on each while advancing
from 12yd to 8yd
5 sec
1115 yd2H“Transition Drill”
begin with hands at shoulder level
as if holding a rifle;
on buzzer, draw and fire one on each target
4 sec
1220 yd2HProne Drill
begin standing; on buzzer drop to prone,
draw and fire 2 rounds on each target
10 sec
1325 yd2H“Barricade Drill”
begin standing behind barricade;
on buzzer, draw and fire 2 on each
from cover while standing
then perform a tactical/retention reload
then 2 rounds on each
from cover while kneeling
24 sec

2H = two hands, freestyle
SHO = strong hand only
WHO = weak hand only

A score of 250 or more is considered Excellent. From 200-249 is Acceptable. Below 200 is Needs Improvement.

Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.

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