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Free Black Powder Quiz

Free Black Powder Quiz

Free Black Powder Quiz

Black Powder was already used in the middle ages.

People in the Middle Ages quickly learned to use black powder to launch balls or projectiles from a cannon. They did this by igniting the powder behind the ball or projectile in a cannon.


Free Black Powder Actions Quiz – https://bcfirearmsacademy.ca/wp_quiz/free-black-powder-actions-quiz/


Free Black Powder Actions Quiz This Free fun quiz will help you prepare for history section of the Canadian Firearms Safety Course CFSC / CRFSC

Black powder projectiles Modern black powder or muzzleloading firearms shoot several different types of projectiles as follows:

  • Spherical – round ball, usually loaded along with a lubricated patch, which seals the barrel around the ball
  • Conical – cylindrical-shaped projectiles known as Mini-balls, they have a hollow base that expands to seal the gases when the firearm fires
  • Shot – pellets of assorted sizes and materials
  • Sabot – plastic or synthetic carrier that encases a projectile.


  1. Muzzleloading handguns are still in use today. However, most modern muzzleloaders are reproductions of older designs
  2. This type of firearm is loaded through the muzzle. A measured amount of powder with a volumetric measure and poured it through the muzzle into the barrel, followed by a patch, and finally a lead ball or shot. A hole located at the rear of the barrel just above the trigger allows a flash or spark to enter the barrel through the priming port and ignite the powder, firing the charge.
  3. With flintlock muzzleloaders, the igniting spark is the result of the flint, held by the cock, hitting the frizzen. On percussion muzzleloaders, the flash is produced by the hammer striking a percussion cap.
  4. Muzzleloading firearms use black powder or black powder substitutes. Black powder is classified as an explosive and is easily ignited by friction, a hard blow or even static electricity. It must be handled with extreme care. It is strongly recommended that individuals interested in muzzleloading seek additional training from specialists in the field.


It is very important that exact loading and unloading procedures are followed when handling muzzleloaders. Before attempting it, get the assistance of a qualified individual and carefully follow the instructions in your owner’s manual. Ensure that firing mechanism (lock) is rendered safe before proceeding to load the firearm. Before loading the firearm, use a rod with a tight fitting patch to clean the bore, and fire a cap to remove oil from the bore and flash port.


Never use smokeless powder in a muzzleloader. Never use black powder in a modern cartridge firearm not designed for it. Always use a volumetric measure to put powder into the muzzle. Never pour directly from the main powder container. In compliance with firearms safe storage regulations, a muzzleloader with powder in the barrel is considered loaded.


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