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Predatory Wildlife & Bear Defence – Shotgun & Rifle Certification May 10

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Predatory Wildlife & Bear Defence – Shotgun & Rifle Certification

This course is designed for those working in the bush or the outdoor enthusiast that spends time in bear country. The shotgun is one of the most effective tools can have in predatory defensive scenarios. For field workers that will be working in the bus, it is advisable to have a shotgun, and a qualified worker, ready and capable of defending themselves and their fellow workers from grievous bodily harm or death due to dangerous or predatory wildlife. Predatory Wildlife & Bear Defence – Shotgun & Rifle Certification

Topics include:

  • Safety briefing & range procedures
  • Field safety & bear aware concepts
  • Legal issues, Use of Force, post-incident articulation & reporting, Wildlife Act & Regulations
  • Understanding, training for & controlling body stress and decision-making under stress
  • The OODA loop, fine-motor skills versus gross motor skills, and motor-muscular memory
  • Gear management
  • The shotgun: parts and characteristics, stripping & assembly, inspection, field cleaning & maintenance concepts
  • Weapons manipulation: fundamentals of marksmanship, loading/unloading, speed loading, combat loading, downloading
  • Immediate Actions & stoppages (clearing malfunctions)
  • The balance of speed & accuracy
  • Close-range defensive tactics drills & skills building scenarios for wildlife attack
  • Positional shooting, use of cover, movement & turning, shooting from awkward/uncomfortable positions
  • Single hand & ambidextrous weapons manipulation
  • Field carry techniques


The student is responsible for bringing their own shotgun equipped with a field appropriate sling, preferably two points.


The student is required to bring a minimum of 100 rounds of 7 1/2 shot ammunition, 10 rounds of 00 Buck and 25 slugs for this training course. (the use of slugs will depend on range location requirements)