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Don’t Want to Have your Unwanted Firearms Destroyed? Donate Instead.

Donate Your Unwanted Firearms

Our mission is to accept and responsibly repurpose unwanted firearms and promote firearm safety

Repurpose For Training

If the firearm is suitable for classroom use or is in safe working condition after inspection by our firearms specialists, the firearms will then be made available - according to RCMP regulations- for use in training the Canadian Firearms Safety Course.

Preserve Antique and Historical Firearms

We occasionally acquire firearms that may be historically significant. If the condition warrants, historical firearms that are received, evaluated, and inspected by our firearms specialists will be donated or loaned to appropriate gun clubs and firearms societies so members of the shooting community can appreciate them.

How to donate your Firearms: Call 604-592-2410

BC Firearms Academy will help you safely and legally donate firearms. At the BC Firearms Academy, we accept and responsibly dispose of or repurpose unwanted Shotguns, Rifles, Revolvers, Semi-auto handguns to promote firearm safety and awareness in British Columbia.

We Handle All The RCMP Paperwork

BC Firearms Academy will facilitate with the RCMP the registration and/or transfer of any firearms being donated. You will receive full documentation of the process so you have peace of mind knowing your firearms are legally supporting the firearms community in Canada.

We Dispose of Unwanted Ammunition

BC Firearms Academy can also help you dispose of unwanted ammunition. Ammunition is often found long after people no longer have firearms. Please don't simply throw ammunition in the trash, call us at 604-592-2410 and we will properly dispose it for you.

Donate Your Firearm

How To Start Saving Your Firearms From Destruction

Contact BC Firearms Academy

Fill out our contact form, Chat With Us, Email info@bcfirearmsacademy.ca or Call 604-592-2410
to speak to our friendly staff about donating your unwanted firearms.

Schedule The Donation & Start The Transfer

BC Firearms Academy will arrange a time to pick up the donations and liaise with the RCMP regarding any transfer that may or may not be required.

Pick Up and Relax

Once the donations are picked up by BC Firearms Academy and the RCMP transfers are complete, you can rest easy knowing you did a great thing for the community. Your firearms will help train the next generation of firearms enthusiasts for years to come.

Upcoming Courses

BC Firearms Academy Upcoming Courses

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