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Do I need a gun Club  Membership to buy a handgun in Canada?

Do I need a gun Club Membership to buy a handgun in Canada?

Do I need a gun Club Membership to buy a handgun in Canada?

Yes and No; but typically Yes you will need to be a member of a gun club.

Do I need to be a member of a gun club to own a handgun?

Generally speaking, you will need to join a shooting club. The RCMP CFP will generally not transfer the registration of a restricted firearm like a handgun to you unless you have a provable lawful use for it. This topic is covered in much greater detail in the section on the lawful use of the dedicated handguns page of this website.

C.T.: https://www.howtogetagun.ca/questions-about-firearms-in-canada/handguns-restricted-prohibited-firearms/#gun-club

Join the CLUB

Shooting Clubs vs. Shooting Ranges

shooting club is not technically the same thing as a shooting range. Clubs are usually centred around one specific type of firearm, or type of shooting sport. A range is a physical facility where shooting may take place. Some clubs own and operate their own ranges, and others use the ranges of other entities. Some commercial shooting ranges have a club you can join that is focused on their range.

An Example of a Shooting Club

Say you’re interested in “old west” style revolvers, you could then join a Cowboy Action shooting club (which is awesome by the way.)

It’s unlikely that there’s going to be enough people in your area participating in Cowboy Action shooting to justify purchasing a large piece of land, building a shooting range on it, and getting the government to approve the range.

However, your club might make an arrangement with a local shooting range operated by a Fish and Game Association. The Fish and Game Association would then produce a document that invites members of your Cowboy Action shooting club to use their range.

You would then provide proof of your membership in the Cowboy Action shooting club, and your club’s invitation to shoot at the Fish and Game Association’s shooting range to the government to prove you have somewhere to lawfully use a Restricted Firearm.



Conditions of Transferring Firearms and Other Weapons Regulations (SOR/98-202)

Regulations are current to 2022-02-23

  • (ii) for wishing to acquire the restricted firearm or handgun

    • (A) for use in target practice, or a target shooting competition, under conditions specified in an authorization to transport or under the auspices of a shooting club or shooting range that is approved under section 29 of the Act, or

    • (B) to form part of a gun collection of the individual, in the case of an individual who satisfies the criteria described in section 30 of the Act; and

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