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CFGPA Handgun Fundamentals Level 2

CFGPA Handgun Fundamentals Level 2

CFGPA Handgun Fundamentals Level 2

Due to the popularity of CFGPA’s Basic Handgun Handling course and the demand from our student/ members for a higher-level course, the Board is pleased to offer Handgun Fundamentals Level 2. Please go to our website at www.chilliwackfishandgame.com and CLICK on Safety Programs. Scroll down to Handgun Fundamentals Level 2 to sign up!

Handgun Fundamentals Level 2 builds on the Introductory course and will incorporate holster skills, more advanced shooting drills, handling malfunctions and some movement. This is not a novice course and is geared towards members who are interested in trying competition shooting or improving their abilities with a pistol. You must have a full understanding of all safety rules and etiquette to take this course.  You may be asked to leave, with NO refund, if you are unable to keep up or are a danger to yourself or others.

Please sign up for the Basic Handgun Handling class if you are not familiar with your handgun before doing this course.


What will you learn?

  • Review of your equipment and gear discussion and recommendations
  • Understanding range commands.
  • How to consciously apply safety rules to handgun handling ie how to move with a handgun.
  • Proper technique for drawing and re-holstering a handgun.
  • Proper technique for loading and safely unloading a handgun.
  • Understanding proper sight picture, grip and trigger actuation, while under timed pressure.
  • Unusual shooting positions.
  • Use of barricades.
  • Malfunction clearance including Type 1-3.
  • Actual live fire practice and drills including movement and turning.
  • Rules pertaining to handgun use at CFGPA as well as Club activities where you may enjoy your handguns.

Where is it held?

  • We will mostly be on the Limited Distance Range (Pistol Bay).

What do I need to bring?

  • Your personal handgun. This is a must as we do not supply firearms. We will work with most guns but centerfire handguns are preferred. Bring at least 3 magazines for your handgun or 4 speedloaders if you have a revolver.
  • Dummy rounds (You can purchase these for your specific calibre at any firearms store).  Dummy rounds are perfect for practice and should be part of any gun owner’s kit.
  • A proper holster made for your specific handgun mounted on a sturdy belt and, at least, a double magazine carrier. DO NOT use a Serpa style finger actuated holster or nylon/ soft material holster. The instructors will discuss and assess gear as needed. Only strong side holsters are allowed. Please do not use a cross draw or shoulder holster.
  • 500 rounds of ammunition for your own handgun.
  • Cleaning kit and lubrication.
  • Proper attire for the weather.
  • Notepaper and pen.
  • Good eye and ear protection. This is a must!
  • A good attitude and desire to learn.
  • A light lunch or snack.

What are the costs and time?

  • This is a ONE DAY course. The sessions will be around 7.5 hours (between 8:30am and 4pm).
  • $150.00 for each Club participant. Please pay on our online portal. Guests of members will be charged $160.00 to cover the insurance.

When is the course held?

  • Please check the website under Safety Programs, the Club email newsletter, CFGPA Facebook page or contact Shannon, the groundskeeper, for the next available course. You must use your own firearm and gear.
  • The first Level 2 course is on June 26, 2021.

How many people will be on the course?

  • a maximum of 8 people per course to allow time for individual attention and questions. This is to ensure proper social distancing in these times.
  • Please follow all Provincial Health Officer COVID guidelines regarding group gatherings.

Is this an official recognized course?

  • the skills you will learn will be applicable to all disciplines of handgun sports throughout Canada. However, this is a Club sanctioned event and will not be recognized as an official qualification in National events. This is designed as an intermediate handgun course for you to be familiar/ confident with the handgun sports and to enhance your safety and enjoyment of the hobby.

How do I sign up?

Click the link to the date you would like to register for:

Please sign up on our website at: chilliwackfishandgame.com under Safety Programs. The fee is $150.00.

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