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Careers That Require a Firearms Licence PAL

Careers That Require a Firearms Licence PAL

Careers That Require a Firearms Licence PAL

Many people ask us what the careers are that require a firearms licence or what career opportunities become available once you have your PAL?  Some are obvious and some you may have never considered.

Let’s run down some of the more common ones.

Armoured Industry

The armoured car industry employs a large number of people across Canada and many of those positions require both a non-restricted and restricted Possession and Acquisition Licence.  Many opportunities in the cash, vau and money rooms still require applicants to have a PAL even though their responsibilities are primarily in-house.  The more visible jobs at companies like Brinks and Garda World, such as Armoured Car Guards, Messengers and Drivers all require staff that have been licensed to possess firearms.  Only individuals who have a valid PAL can be issued an ATC or Authorization to Carry, by the chief firearms officer of the province they are employed in. The ATC is required for individuals that carry guns while transporting cash or negotiables.


If you are interested in something a little more customer service oriented why not explore the opportunity that our partners at Cabela’s have to offer.  Many positions at the worlds foremost outfitter require a PAL, everything from the Gun Counter & Customer Service to Cashiers and Shipping and Receiving.  Cabela’s offers flexible hours and the possibility of advancement.  We did save the best part of working at Cabela’s for last, not only can you explore career opportunities at Cabela’s,  you can take your training with BC’s most experienced instructors at BC Firearms Academy in the Cabela’s store.

Wildlife Control

If you are in  Richmond or surrounding area, YVR employs staff that manages the local wildlife to ensure the safety of aeroplanes.  Although dispatching animals is a last resort, the job requires people to be able to safely handle firearms and since firearms are carried the employees must have a possession and acquisition licences.   BC Firearms Academy offers a convenient training location on Fraser and Kingsway in Vancouver.

Canada Border Services Agency

Have you explored the possibility of being involved with federal law enforcement?  Canada Border Services Agency known as CBSA has been a popular career choice for people all across Canada.  Unlike most law enforcement agencies, CBSA requires that applicants for many positions have completed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and Restricted Firearms Safety Course.  During many bids/application processes, the applicants must present their course reports to be considered for the position.  The courses reports are the proof of completion a student receives after successfully finishing the CFSC & CRFSC.

Law Enforcement Studies Diploma

These examples only scratch the surface of the career opportunities waiting for you after you get your PAL from BC Firearms Academy.  Firearms Safety Training can also be an excellent compliment to your education.   For example, if you are taking the Law Enforcement Studies Diploma ( LESD ) at the JIBC contact us to explore the discounts we offer LESD students.

Below are a few more cool jobs to explore, but remember to ask your instructor about their experiences in the firearms industry during your course.  Thier personal experiences might be able to guide you in determining your next step.

Careers That Require A Possession and Acquisition License ( PAL )

Once you have compleated your Training with BC Firearm Academy here are just some of the job opportunities and companies you can apply for:

Canada Border Services Agency

Meaningful work helping people and protecting the integrity of Canada's Customs and Immigration programs. Excellent training programs and diverse career opportunities.

Brinks Armed Guards/ Drivers/ Messengers

BC Firearm Academy offers the federal firearms license required in order to work in the armoured car & security industry.

Cabela's Firearms Inspector

Firearms Inspector is responsible for assuring that all firearms entering the store are secured in accordance with established policies and procedures. This position requires the ability to safely handle firearms and adhere to provincial, federal, and company firearms regulations.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Physical Scientist

BC Firearm Academy provides federal firearms licensing as well as WorkSafe compliant live-fire training that meets Fisheries and Oceans Canada standards.

BassPro Hunting Department Sales Associate

BC Firearm Academy offers the federal firearms license required in order to work in hunting department of BasPro

Heritage / Museum Curator

Acquisition of new objects, maintaining registration, cataloguing and artefact record keeping, research regarding artefacts and archival materials, maintaining and controlling the conservation of the collection, exhibition of the collection, and developing and maintaining partnerships with stakeholders.

Canada Parks Resource Management Officer (Human-Wildlife Conflict)

The Human Wildlife Conflict Specialists are responsible for cooperating to deliver a safe and efficient human wildlife conflict management program.

Cash Messenger/Armed Guard - Casual

As a Cash Services Messenger you will be in charge of the safe transportation of our customer’s values. We are looking for a team player who has a great sense of observation and is customer service oriented.

BC Firearm Academy

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