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BC Firearms Academy had a great time at BC’S LARGEST BOATING, FISHING, HUNTING AND SPORTSMEN’S SHOW.  If you haven’t made it out yet the show is still on tomorrow.  We had the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of our friends in the firearms community and make a lot of new ones.

MARCH 2 – 4, 2018


Friday, March 2, 2018
Noon – 9pm
Saturday, March 3, 2018
9am – 6pm
Sunday, March 4, 2018
10am – 5pm


Don’t Miss the newly Rebranded BC Sportsmen’s Show. A one-stop marketplace for outdoor enthusiasts, visitors will find fishing retailers and manufacturers, boats of all sizes, camping gear, ATVs and accessories, hunting gear and equipment, camo clothing, retailers, outfitters and so much more. And it’s all under one roof.

Each year, well over 30,000 visitors attend this massive three-day event to shop, attend seminars and take in all the family-friendly features, including a kids’ fishing pond, film screening and much more.


$15.00 – Regular Adult (17+)

$12.00 – Juniors/Student (6 – 16)

$12.00 – Senior (65+)

$35.00 – Family (2 Adults + 2 Juniors)

$27.00 – Full Event Pass

Stay tuned to Social Media for ticketing discounts & coupons!


Capt. Scott Sutherland

Capt. Scott Sutherland has been a charter guide on the B.C. coast for the past 40 years. Scott is also part of the ‘Pro Staff’ team for ‘Humminbird’, ‘Cannon’ downriggers and ‘Minn Kota’. Scott has been a big part of the evolution of fishing equipment and technology over this time and a great ambassador to the sport. He owns and operates the ‘Mongoose Striker Fishing Charters’ as well as ‘Riggin & Fishin’ which is a company that he recently started to assist and teach new fisherfolk how to choose, set-up and rig their boats for fishing along with how they can increase their catch ratios. If you need to get the best unbiased informed advice he is one of the best.


Amanda Lynn Mayhew
Having been raised to love the outdoors life, Amanda Lynn has directed that passion to launch a career, quickly becoming one of the most accomplished and popular faces of the outdoors. This one tough outdoors-woman has an above average success rate for her DIY hunts. Most hunters’ hunt 30+ years to harvest animals that Amanda Lynn has been fortunate to hunt and harvest in her lifetime.
This young woman has proved her worth as an athlete, an inspirational celebrity speaker, an angler and a hunter whose mission it is to preserve our hunting and fishing heritage and give back to the firearms and outdoors industry through speaking and marketing.


Mike MitchellMike Mitchell’s love for fishing started young when he would go on fishing trips with his family to some of British Columbia’s spectacular freshwater lakes.  Born and raised in BC, this province fueled his passion for the outdoors.  Mike became involved with BC Outdoors Magazine in 2005, becoming Editor in 2007.  Three years after that, Mike started the BC Outdoors Sport Fishing TV show and continues today as Host and Executive Producer.  Mike created the show to highlight all of the best fresh and saltwater fisheries around BC while educating viewers on how and what to use to be successful during their day out on the water.  Each episode features local industry experts as co-hosts and utilizes their know-how to teach the audience trade secrets.  The show breaks down the components of fishing for the audience to a basic level, from strategy and technique to gear and species knowledge.  While the main focus of the show is informing and educating the audience, BC Outdoors Sport Fishing is produced to inspire viewers to get out fishing more often and appreciate the great outdoors, while enjoying a true angling experience.In addition to accomplishing all of that, in 2012, BC Outdoors Sport Fishing TV received the Grizzly Award for the Fan Favourite TV show on Wild TV!

Mike has a competitive spirit as well, which drives him while out on the water with co-hosts, many times having their own fishing competitions just for fun.  But that’s Mike, he’s a fun guy!  Mike believes in helping out with charities and sports leagues, from Ducks Unlimited Canada to coaching kids hockey, ball hockey, softball and football.  And if this isn’t enough, he’s also an amazing dad to 3 great kids and loves spending time with them.

To see Mike in action, check out the BC Outdoors Sport Fishing TV show on Chek TV, Wild TV, WFN, CFTK, CJDC and Coast TV.

Dylan EyersFor Dylan Eyers, hunting has always been about two things: creating a community around food and connecting with nature. It’s a philosophy he picked up from a long line of hunters, and it’s one that he’s proud to pass on to new generations. Dylan is a Park Ranger, and EatWild Hunting Guide and Mentor.

With a growing interest in learning to hunt from folks from non-traditional hunting communities, there is a gap in mentorship and support for this growing community.  Dylan established  EatWild in 2011 to support non-traditional hunters to find their way to becoming ethical, safe and successful hunters. Dylan shares his knowledge and passion for hunting through his workshops, with “how-to-hunt” videos on YouTube,  the EatWild Hunting App, and is still trying to get his audio figured out for the EatWild Podcast.

“The most challenging thing is getting out in the wilderness and getting the skills and confidence you need to figure out how the animals live and how to harvest them,” says Dylan. Developing those skills can take years, but it’s always worth it in the end.”

About EatWild:

EatWild wants to change the way you think about your food. Our mission is to develop a community of food-conscious people, who value high quality, organic and ethically sourced game meat and fish. Our goal is to get you excited about learning where your food comes from, and how it was treated along the way. We want to share great adventures and delicious meals, and inspire a new generation of urban folks to get back to the wilderness.

We offer workshops and courses for new hunters to build the confidence and skills to ethically harvest wild animals. From butchering workshops to backpack hunter workshops, we have you covered to develop the essential skills to be successful, and we will introduce you to a community of like-minded folks who are passionate about hunting and adventures in the wild.

Rod TothRod. Toth, more humorously known as “Bent Rod” is a fishing guide and self made tackle manufacturer, based in Chilliwack BC. He specializes in seeking new and effective strategies for catching Salmon and Steelhead on the rivers of the Fraser Valley. Attaining his knowledge through obsessive readings, field testing, and fishermen’s feedback, he then designs and creates Jigs and Spinners to meet the needs of BC’s most elusive and hard fighting fish.

Rod started applying the TWITCHING Jig technique for Pink Salmon over 15 years ago, which lead to his discovery of the effectiveness of twitching jigs for so many other species!

Join Rod as he covers a broad spectrum “HOW-TO” of Twitching Jigs for Pinks, Coho, Chinook, Bull Trout, and Steelhead. Bring your questions and personal experiences! Tight Lines & Bent Rods!


Mariessa Pinto. Mariessa Pinto has shot for 10 years and is the number 1 ranked Women’s Junior Re-curve archer in Canada. She has achieved many athletic accomplishments such as finishing 1st place at the 2017 Canadian Target Championships, 4th place at the 2017 Multi-Site Championships of the Americas and 1st place at the Canadian Regional Championships. Likewise, she holds 3 provincial records and a national record for the 50m portion of the 1200 round.

In the future, Mariessa is aiming to achieve even greater goals such as making National Team for World Cups, competing in the Pan Am Games at the Olympics.


JP Derose Raised in Southern Ontario, Canada, JP’s passion for angling has remained a constant in his life. Through high school and university, JP’s ardor for competitive sports carried over into fishing and flourished while chasing salmon and trout drifting rivers, which eventually led him to lake fishing and then professional tournaments. An absolute sponge for angling knowledge and a true gear aficionado, JP looks to challenge himself and gain as much experience as he possibly can, furthering his effectiveness on the water, no matter the species.

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