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BC Ungulates Identification CORE Course


A split-hoofed animal that is even-toed.

Dewlap or Bell

Pendant of hair covered skin that hangs under the throat of an animal (i.e: Moose)


A type of ungulate that does not shed its horns. Horns are never branched. Both species may have horns.


darkened rings which indicate periods of slower horn growth; can e used to measure animals’ age. common on Bovids.


A the of ungulate in the horned family that sheds their antlers every year.


An animal with four-chambered stomachs


Felidae: Cat family: Cougar, lynx, bobcat


Canidae: Dog Family: wolf, coyote, red fox


Ursidae: Bear Family: Grizzly, Black, Kermode

Whitetail Deer

Mid-sized BC deer with a white rump patch and a brown-topped tail. They run with their tail up in the air known as flagging.

Mule Deer

Largest of the BC deer with a long slender white tail and rump patch tipped with black. Large ears. Runs with a stiff-legged bounce, and often stops to look back.

Blacktail Deer

Smallest of the BC deer. Located on the coast of 7 coastal islands. Has no rump patch visible and a brown/black tail. Runs with a stiff-legged bounce and has small ears

Fallow Deer

Non-Native (introduced) Deer to BC. They are farmed. Their horns start off slender with two tines that curve backwards and into palmate with tines pointing behind them. Adults show prominent spots and their colours can range from Dark to White. Very long tail for a deer.


Shovel or flattened type of antler


Elk Large deer-like appearance with prominent antlers. Keeps their head high. Mid-sized of the larger game animals. Has a dewlap.



Smallest of the larger game animals, deer-like appearance. have a prominent brow line with non-prominent antlers. Keeps their heads low. Dewclaws are usually visible in track. Has a Dewlap

Big Horned Sheep

Found in the southern part of BC. Rams and Ewes. They have massive horns that do not shed so they feature annuli.

Thin Horned Sheep

Found in the Northern part of BC. Males are Rams and females Ewes. Slender pointed horns that spiral away from the head and do not shed so they feature annuli.

Mountain Goats

The only all-white Goat in the world.