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BC Live-Fire Academy: Women’s Only Courses

BC Live-Fire Academy: Women's Only Courses

Women's Only courses are designed to foster and inspire a love of shooting sports for women.

Comfortable environment Surrounded by peers

Our Firearms Instructors are industry professionals who will guide you through a unique training experience unmatched in the industry. This guided experience provides female students the opportunity to learn how to shoot in a comfortable environment, surrounded by peers.

Quality Instruction

Our instructors are seasoned experts who have used firearms in ``real-world`` settings and will pass their expertise to you.

Women Only Handgun Familiarization Dry Fire

A steps between your PAL and the range. You will learn basic handgun handling skills as well as proper handgun and range etiquette.

Women's Only Handgun Course

This women only course focuses on the skills necessary to shoot the handgun well. Emphasis is on: proper grip, trigger control and body position, deployment, drawing from the holster, loading, stoppage clearances

Women's Only Shotgun Course

This women's only course will take you from basic to intermediate level shotgun fundamentals. Topics covered are types, gear, equipment and accessories, stance, grip, sights, ammo selection, patterning, carrying techniques, handling, loading, unloading and reloading.

About Your Course

More Information About Women's Only Courses with BC Live Fire Academy

Women Only Basic Handgun Familiarization Course

The Women Only Basic Handgun Familiarization Course is geared for all new firearms owners who want to know basic handgun handling skills as well as proper handgun and range etiquette before the first trip to the range. It is also a perfect refresher for handgun shooters who are returning to the sport after a long break.


the how, why and what about your new handgun including maintenance.
proper gear and safety equipment that each shooter should have ie. eye and ear protection.
Cooper’s 4 Rules
equipment and gear discussion
how to consciously apply safety rules to handgun handling ie sweeping…
proper technique for drawing and re-holstering a handgun.
proper technique for loading and safely unloading a handgun.
understanding proper sight picture, grip and trigger actuation.
malfunction clearance including Type 1-3.
how to safely uncase and re-case a firearm.
rules pertaining to handgun use at CFGPA as well as Club activities where you may enjoy your handguns.
provide options so you can pursue more advanced training.

your personal handgun in its gun case. (BC Firearms Academy can provide firearms if needed)
dummy rounds ( You can purchase these for your specific calibre at any firearms store). Dummy rounds are perfect for practice and should be part of any gun owner’s kit.
if interested and available, bring your holster, a proper gun belt and a magazine holder. (BC Firearms Academy can provide firearms if needed)
proper attire. Including a sturdy belt capable of supporting holster.
notepaper and pen.
a good attitude and desire to learn.
DO NOT BRING LIVE AMMUNITION into the course!! This will be strictly enforced!

Your range kit for the Women Only pistol course must include

A semi-automatic pistol
-500 rounds of ammunition
- 3 magazines
- Double magazine pouch
- Modern Riged Dominant side, OWB hip-mounted or belt-mounted holster designed for the firearm
- The holster must be designed so that a firm grip on the firearm with the strong hand without moving it in the holster
- Dummy rounds
- Eye and ear protection ( Electronic Prefered )
- Closed-toe shoes that allow for quick movement and turning
- Hydration; lunch/snacks
- Weather appropriate clothing

Your range kit for the Women Only shotgun course must include:

Good working, serviceable shotgun (single barrel – pump or semi) with an adjustable 2 point sling. Tactical shotguns are preferred but not mandatory. Shotgun must be capable of shooting standard slugs. If the barrel has a removable choke, the choke must be IC (Improved Cylinder) or larger.
- 300 rounds of ammunition ( You may bring some home)
-- Minimum of 175 rounds of birdshot (7 1/2 to 9)
--12 - 15 rounds of 00 Buck
-- 100 rounds of slug
- No reloaded ammunition, please.

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