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Mastering the Low Light Pistol

Mastering the Low Light Pistol

Focus on perfecting the use of the pistol in low light, use of flashlights and other outside forms of illumination

Multiple Flashlight Shooting Techniques

Introduction to flashlight techniques. A focus on the most effective method to deploy a handgun and flashlight. This course will focus heavily on the use of flashlights and other outside forms of illumination, the use of ambient light to obtain an acceptable sight picture, and the importance of target discrimination.

Low Light and No Light

It is our goal that the Low Light material taken from this class can safely and efficiently be implemented into your personal and competitive handgun training program. This course covers the essentials of light equipment selection, weapon-mounted or hand-held light sources, and techniques for effective search, navigation, target identification, and engagement of potential shoot targets.

Low-Light & No-Light Pistol

Combining proven low-light search techniques, with several low-light shooting techniques to offer a program that teaches the students skills to allow them to compete effectively and efficiently in low-light and no-light environments

Skills for the intermediate to advanced shooters

This course is for students proficient with their handgun fundamentals and manipulation and looking to build on those skills in altered lighting conditions. Open to all intermediate to experienced shooters. Students should be competent in manipulating a handgun with both hands

About Your Course

More Information About Low Light Pistol Courses with BC Live Fire Academy

Your range kit must include

A semi-automatic pistol ( 9mm or greater calibre & In Good Condition)
-300 rounds of ammunition
- 3 magazines
- Double magazine pouch
- Modern Rigid Dominant side, OWB hip-mounted or belt-mounted holster designed for the firearm
- The holster must be designed so that a firm grip on the firearm with the strong hand without moving it in the holster
- Minimum of 1 handheld tail switch style flashlight (2 or more is preferable)
- - Weapon mounted light is optional but WILL NOT replace the handheld light (if you bring a WML, you bust bring a holster that will secure your pistol with the light on it)
- Dummy rounds (Optional for Competative Pistol)
- Eye and ear protection ( Electronic Prefered )
- Closed-toe shoes that allow for quick movement and turning
- Hydration; lunch/snacks
- Weather appropriate clothing
- Cover garment ( a shirt or vest that covers your holstered firearm when worn )

Location Of Your Course

Langley Rod & Gun Club
3854 208 St, Langley Twp, BC V3A 4X7
(The LRGC is a public club. Please respect the members and gusts participating in other acitities)

Mastering the Low Light Pistol

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