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BC Live-Fire Academy: Dynamic Pistol

BC Live-Fire Academy: Dynamic Pistol

Dynamic Pistol is designed for shooters to train in the principles of Pistol Deployment in a variety of situations.s and environments.

3 Levels of Training

Our Firearms Instructors are industry professionals who will guide you through a unique training experience unmatched in the industry. Whether you are new to handguns or an experienced shooter, the exceptional training offered by BC Firearms Academy's Live-Fire division is for you.

Quality Instruction

Our instructors are seasoned experts who have used firearms in ``real-world`` settings and will pass their expertise to you.

Introduction to Dynamic Pistol

This course focuses on the skills necessary to shoot the handgun well. Emphasis is on: proper grip, trigger control and body position, deployment, drawing from the holster, loading, stoppage clearances

Dynamic Pistol 2

Students are introduced to drills and receive comprehensive training to refine their shooting technique. -Rapid sight acquisition -Shooting under stress -Single-hand shooting and pistol manipulations -Moving and shooting -Transitioning between targets -Intro to shooting from cover -Refine shooting fundamentals

Advanced Dynamic Pistol

This is an advanced level course with one goal: teaching you how a professional uses handguns in the real world. -Increased Speed -Emergency reloads -Shooting in low-light -Identifying threats -Turning and shooting -Shooting while moving -Use of cover -Single-hand only shooting

About Your Course

More Information About Dynamic Pistol Courses with BC Live Fire Academy

Your range kit must include

A semi-automatic pistol
-500 rounds of ammunition
- 3 magazines
- Double magazine pouch
- Modern Rigid Dominant side, OWB hip-mounted or belt-mounted holster designed for the firearm
- The holster must be designed so that a firm grip on the firearm with the strong hand without moving it in the holster
- Dummy rounds
- Eye and ear protection ( Electronic Prefered )
- Closed-toe shoes that allow for quick movement and turning
- Hydration; lunch/snacks
- Weather appropriate clothing

Location Of Your Course

Chilliwack Fish & Game Protective Association
48685 Chilliwack Lake Rd, Chilliwack, BC V4Z 1A6
(The CFGPA is a private club. Please respect the members)

Introduction to Dynamic Pistol

Video from our Introduction to Dynamic Pistol

Dynamic Pistol Two

Video from our Dynamic Pistol Level II Course

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