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BC Hunting Package (PAL, Hunting Seminar & CORE Challenge)

Everything a New Hunter Needs: Non-Restricted PAL with a Hunting Seminar and a CORE Challenge

The BC Hunting Package

Day 1: The Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC)

Completing this Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) is required to apply for your non-restricted PAL (Possession Acquisition License).

This is the federal license to own and use firearms in Canada.

Day 2: BC Hunting Seminar & CORE Challenge

The BC Hunting Seminar is a day of engaging discussion with an experienced hunter culminating with a CORE Challenge exam . You will feel confident in your ability to safely start hunting. You can then apply for your FWID to hunt in BC.

The FWID is the provincial certification that lets you buy hunting licenses and tags.

Guided In Person Hunter Seminar

This enhanced learning experience offers 8-hour in-person Hunting Seminar and access to our online CORE Training Course. This is a great opportunity to get everything you need to be a safe, successful and competent hunter in BC. Challenge the CORE with confidence.

Completing this Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC)

This is a 1-day course which includes the PAL exam. The test is comprised of a true/false – multiple choice written and a practical handling section.

This CFSC covers non-restricted firearms only and will not satisfy the RCMP requirements for restricted firearms licensing.

About Your Course

More Information About the BC Hunter Package

Your Hunting Seminar

By the end of this 2-day event you will be able to apply for your non-resticted PAL and your fish and wildlife ID (FWID) number.

By completing the RCMP non-resticted Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) with an RCMP designated instructor you will be able to apply for your possession and acquisition licence (PAL).

At the end of your day-long seminar with a hunting expert you will complete a CORE exam challenge. CORE Hunting Licence Exam Challenges may be completed by those who have completed any study; there is no prescribed method of study for completing the CORE exam.

Successful completion of the CORE exam satisfies the requirements of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources for obtaining a Fish & Wildlife ID and purchasing a hunting license in British Columbia.

You will be able to apply for every license required to hunt with firearms after completing the exams included in your BC Hunting Package.

Details About The BC Hunting Package

This is one package. The Canadian Firearms Safety Course is completed in its entirety in one day and a hunting education seminar with a CORE challenge exam challenge is independent on a second day. Three amazing products! One Affordable Effishent Package!

There are more than 18 hours of hunting and safety material in this package including; online quizzes, flashcards, videos and ring materials and in-person lecture specifications and BC-specific hunting tips.

Following the completion of each day, students must successfully complete the examinations to be eligible to apply for licensing. Although this package will give you the confidence to complete your CORE Challenge this seminar is not a ``CORE course``.

The Canadian Firearms Safety Course is conducted by an RCMP-certified instructor. The hunting seminar is delivered by active and experienced BC hunters. The CORE exam Challenge is provided by a BCWF-certified CORE Examiner.

BC Hunting Package (PAL, Hunting Seminar & CORE Challenge)

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Firearms Safety Course Quizzes & Flashcards

Online PAL Course

An online firearms safety course.

CORE Study

CORE Hunting Quizzes & Flashcards

Online CORE Hunter Course

An online CORE hunter eduction course.

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