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Free Big Game CORE Hunter Education Quiz BC Firearms Academy

Free Big Game CORE Hunter Education Quiz BC Firearms Academy

Free Big Game CORE Hunter Education Quiz BC Firearms Academy

Below is a new free quiz from BC Firearms Academy.  Today we have a quiz to help you identify the Big Game animals of BC.  Remember whether you are taking the CORE course, planing a challenge the CORE Exam or just brushing up on your animal identification before heading out BC Firearms Academy can help.  If you like this quiz please pass it on.


Despite its name a mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus) is actually not a member of the actual goat genus. Mountain goats belong to a group known as goat-antelopes. The natural range of the mountain goat includes southern Alaska and Yukon, British Columbia, northern Idaho, northwest Montana and parts of Washington. British Columbia contains more than half of the world’s population of mountain goats. Mountain goats have the thickest and longest pelage of any North American ungulate aside from the muskox. Their coats are white and usually fairly shaggy, including hollow guard hairs up to 20 cm long and a fleecy undercoat that is 5 to 8 cm long. Both sexes sport a noticeable beard, which is longer in winter. Mountain goats have a deep chest and well-developed shoulder muscles that give them great strength for climbing and pawing for food in the winter. A mountain goat’s cloven hooves have rough, textured traction pads that project past the rim of the hooves, which makes them conducive to rocky and slippery terrain.


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